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in trial presentation strategies that engage juries.





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the right tools for the job

In court we're faster than the other side and we need fewer hours to prepare. Wielding the premiere presentation software, OnCue, is a big part of that. Also our techs don't just use it, they are all on the official support team.

Be confident that with us you're saving yourself and your client money, time, and headaches.

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We love to take that critical piece of information, dissect it, and construct a compelling graphic that resonates and educates. When you breathe life into information you create a lasting impact that lasts through deliberation. 

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we are tech couture

DeFacto is the product of industry veterans coming together to cater to a market that often goes underserved. There is a perception in the legal industry that if you aren't a major defense firm in a large litigation scenario, you essentially have to do without when it comes to fast, efficient trial presentation and quality demonstrative graphics.

Our team has been in the litigation consulting business for close to 20 years. We bring our years of experience into the courtroom to help you get your message across in the most efficient way possible.

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Rest assured

"The entire DeFacto team was essential to this trial as we showed the jury hundreds of exhibits per day. The DeFacto team worked with the law firms starting in pretrial through closing arguments. The technology combined with the relentless dedication of the DeFacto team is the reason we will continue to use them moving forward."

- Gary Sorden

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