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Graphics are a pivotal part of presenting your case. No matter how large or small the project, we can handle the need. Graphics are not always expensive, either. What sets us apart is our ability to deliver detailed, quality graphics and demonstratives quicker and more efficiently than our peers.

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Whether your needs include a PowerPoint presentation for opening, closing, expert testimony support, mediation, or complex medical illustrations or animations, we provide the service and quality you need at a rate that your client can afford.


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& timelines

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Still image illustrations

Demonstrative & Timelines

demonstratives & timelines



"DeFacto has now helped our firm to create demonstratives far better than anything we could achieve on our own, in half the time, and at half the cost." - Hayden Briggle

“They put together a video of a complicated eye surgery gone bad, with perfect 3-D eye anatomy and moving, labeled segments that left no doubt about what had happened.  It completely supported, supplemented, and complimented my demand.  The other side knew, as a result, that the jury would get it.” - David Williams

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