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Meet Our Team

Robb Helt


Trial Presentation & Development

Robb is a trial technology consultant and currently manages all facets of trial presentation and data management at DeFacto Trialworks. He has been in the litigation support industry for 24 years, and has supported litigation both small and large throughout the United States. He also spends time on working on the OnCue technical support and development team and spends his free time away from trial training new users on the OnCue software. Robb is also the driving force behind Trial Tech University

Jason Bencze


Trial Presentation & Graphics

Jason is a trial technology consultant with many years in the litigation support industry.  He has expertise in industry-standard technology and networking.  He has adapted court room and war room technology set-ups to meet the unique and specific needs of litigation teams across the nation.  In addition to his work as a trial tech, Jason currently oversees all graphics & demonstrative development at DeFacto Trialworks and serves as a member of the OnCue technical support team.

Derek Palisoul


Trial Presentation

Derek is a veteran of the industry, with 25 years of experience doing trials in courtrooms all over the country. Derek has worked all sorts trials, from large MDL cases (Fen-Phen, Vioxx), to bio-tech (Amgen v Roche, City of Hope v Genentech), large insurance matters (Aetna v Cigna, State of California Insurance Fund), or cases about circus elephants (ASPCA v Feld Entertainment). Whether it's in a courtroom, deposition, arbitration, or a trial-site war-room, Derek has a wide set of trial presentation and technical skills including video editing and is on the development and support team for OnCue presentation software.

Mary Anne Wittendorfer

MAW PS_edited_edited.png

Trial Presentation

Mary Anne was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. She is a trial technology consultant with over 13 years of experience as a litigation paralegal. Her experience includes multiple trials and extensive time working with large-scale aviation litigation.

Bradley Martin


Trial Presentation

Brad is a hotseater with a swiss army knife set of skills. Having graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Memphis, he knows the inner workings of the 1's and 0's and has a wide range of IT skills. He loves to learn about the merits and documents in a case and his studious nature has quickly made him one of the fastest in the hotseat. In his free time he enjoys writing code and reading.

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