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Presentation is everything

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today's jurors are savvy

The days of "we don't want to look flashy in front the of the jury" are rapidly drawing to a close. They see quality graphics every time they watch TV, browse the web, or look at their phones. Post-trial research shows that jurors respond most favorably to visual aids that help them understand the case at issue. Period.


Where or not they understand why, they have come to expect fast delivery of information on screen, so anything less is at best a distraction, and at worst a mark against your chance at a successful verdict.​




We help you present your case in its most engaging form. Instant deposition impeachment, on-the-fly treatments, our techs can do it all. Everything hits the screen in 3 seconds or less.

Team dynamic is paramount: we work with you to develop the most effective way of collaborating. While we bring loads of experience, we always stay focused on delivering the best results for your case.




We accomplish everything necessary to be trial-ready without run-away billing late into the night. Last minute objections have to come out? No problem for us and no anxiety for you.


We are built to be flexible and efficient: the time that it takes us to create or edit deposition clips is trivial. It's actually so quick that we offer a stand-alone service for it here.

A team approach

Those of us that have been in this industry a long time know that the best relationships are built while working together at trial.


We know our business as well as anyone, but the reason we have clients that won’t go to trial without us isn’t just because of our good design or technical knowledge, it’s because we bring confidence that things will look and work the way they should in court when the stakes are high.

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Trial Preparation
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