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  • Courtroom Presentation
    Our team has been in the litigation consulting business for close to 20 years. We bring our years of experience into the courtroom to help you get your message across in the most efficient way possible. Because everything we do centers around our mission statement-efficiency, speed, and accuracy-we can deliver quality trial presentation and demonstrative graphics in markets that often go underserved. Using a wide array of technologies, we can anticipate-and respond to-whatever situation arises (chances are we have been there before). Surprise rulings on designations minutes before they are about to play in front of a jury? No problem, thanks to the not-so-secret weapon, OnCue. OnCue is getting more attention all the time and establishes us as a real industry leader. In court we're faster than the other side, and we work fewer hours. OnCue is also designed to cut down on trial tech hours. That may seem counter-intuitive for a company that bills by the hour, but we would rather get repeat business than run up a bill any day. Sure, anyone can buy it, but our techs are involved in the support and development of OnCue; we know the ins and outs of the program better than anyone else. When we need new features, we add them. We prioritize how we see fit, and our clients benefit.
  • Trial Preparation
    Our offering has grown out of our experience providing graphics and technology trial support. Simple put, we do what the other guys do faster and more efficiently because we are built for it. We provide value where other companies don't, especially in the realm of trial preparation (an area often overlooked when estimating cost). We often need to work with attorneys and experts in a variety of locations in the weeks or months leading up to trial, so we have customized a suite of tools to meet our dynamic needs. With the click of a button we can grant access to upload all of your case files to our secure ShareFile server to begin building our trial database. Utilizing ShareFile's collaborative tools, such as PowerPoint Online and video playback features, we can work together at any location at any time without the hassle of uploading and downloading files. Click a link on your phone and have all the access you're accustomed to in the war room. Consider the amount of time you, your trial technology consultant, or your paralegal has had to spend before the trial even starts compiling exhibits, preparing video clips, or building outlines and witness packages. Keep the billing to a minimum and let us build the support structure for you to present to your fullest.
  • Deposition Video & Clips
    We remember the dark days of video. Creating and editing clips took ages, it was expensive, and you were never 100% it would play properly in front of a jury where it really counts. Because it took so long to make changes to a clip, you were often locked in once you stepped into the courtroom and last minute rulings created disruption and anxiety. Those days are long gone, however. Using the groundbreaking software, OnCue, we can create and edit your designations and video clips in minutes upon receipt. We will provide you with the exact run-time of your clips with a break down of both side's designations, counters, or whatever issue codes specified. Finally, our reporting is second to none. Along with your video clips you will receive detailed designation and transcript reports that will tell you exactly how long each clip is and allow you to go back and edit with ease. While this is all a part of normal trial preparation for our clients, we do it so well that we offer it as a stand-alone service too.
  • Graphics
    Today we are constantly inundated with graphics on our phones, on television, and on the web and holding a jury's attention has become an arms race. It used to be the case that the argument would carry the day, but graphics have become a crucial element of presenting your case. A effective graphic doesn't always need to be flashy with a multitude of animations or effects, but it has to captivate and educate; sometimes less is more. We live to leave out distractions and avoid turning what should be a slide, a simple graphic on screen, into a document that would be better suited for a handout. Our design strategy guides jurors to what is most important so that key concepts stick. Whether your needs include a PowerPoint presentation for opening, closing, expert testimony support, mediation, or complex medical illustrations or animations, we provide the service and quality you need at a rate that your client can afford.
  • Video Streaming
    As technology continues to improve, the barriers to entry for video recording and streaming erode. These days it takes a relatively small footprint of equipment to deliver high resolution video and high fidelity audio and that's exactly what we have started implementing in courtrooms across the country. With our mobile production setup, we can implement a streaming service for your hearing, trial, or other event, with multiple camera angles and microphones tailored to your setup. Tired of traveling back and forth across the country for a hearing? Want to have your team back at the firm to watch in real-time without the travel costs or out-of-office workflow disruption? We have the perfect solution.
  • Training
    We are the first company to offer training for all facets of trial technology and litigation support. As a member, you will find video lessons on everything from presenting evidence in the courtroom, to what equipment you need and how to set it all up, best workflow practices, tips & tricks with trial presentation software, and more. This is a monthly service and we will continue to add new lessons on a weekly basis.

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